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"Massage Therapy with Chrystal Woodhouse has become an integral part of our training program to keep all the horses happy, sound and moving to the best of their abilities."
JEB Equine Consulting, Medium Dressage Coach



"Just wanted to send you an update on my Arabian stallion Ramadi Amir, who celebrated his thirtieth birthday on Feb. 18th. We both want to thank you for attending him and helping him so much.
Boomer has always been quite a mischief maker, but over the past few months, had become much more sedate, He was also showing signs of having great difficulty both standing on his right hind leg and lifting it for the farrier. He had also had a change in his over-all attitude, seemingly to have lost interest in many things--one of the most obvious was he no longer rolled his tongue over, sticking it out for me to grab. While discussing this problem, it was suggested I give you a call, I'm so very happy I did so.
I noticed a slight improvement in the way he walked following your first visit. After the second visit, he seemed to be regaining his interest in what was going on around him, even rolling the tongue again.
After your third visit, he was back doing fence patrol, lifting that right hind leg for the farrier, and to my great joy, TROTTING after the cars!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Linda M. Marten & Ramadi Amir.







"Florida, Fun in the Sun (FITS) ....55 Mile endurance ride:
I had a great adventure this past winter, I went to Florida to compete with my horse Breanna. Our goal was to do a couple of long-distance competitions, in particular, the 55 mile endurance ride in March.

Breanna was in very good condition but about a week before the ride I noticed that she was reluctant to stretch out the near fore leg. She wasn't lame but she wasn't comfortable either. I asked Chrystal if she could take a look at her as she was down in Florida for a week getting horses massaged and ready for FITS.

Chrystal began massaging Breanna very slowly. It was amazing to watch the communication develop between Chrystal and Breanna. Chrystal has so much patience, there is no clock, and she really listens to the horse. As Chrystal worked, Breanna began to relax, her head came down, her whole demeanor changed. You could really tell that she appreciated the relief she was receiving from Chrystal's hands.

Chrystal knew I was hoping to do the 55 mile ride, so, even though she was extremely busy with other horses that needed her attention, she came the following day and did one more session with Breanna. This was a fun session; Breanna literally leaned into Chrystal's hands!!

I felt so much better starting the 55 mile endurance. I knew that Breanna was now good to go. Did we finish? You bet we did. We placed 12th and Breana's scorecard from start to finish was all A's. At her final vet check her P&R was 40 and her CRI was 40. Thank you Chrystal for helping to make one of our dreams come true!"

Joann Kearnan









"An Equine Massage Therapist should be chosen with great consideration. You're putting your horse(s) well-being into his/her "hands". The therapist must be very receptive to the horse and the horse's responses. Due to variations and degrees of soreness, sometimes light work is required, sometimes deep tissue work is required.

Chrystal Woodhouse has those abilities. She is constantly monitoring what the horse is telling her, and either continues with what is working, or changes her method depending upon the horse's reaction. She takes Time - first allowing the horse to accept her - then giving the horse plenty of opportunity to act/re-act. She is Patient, Honest, Gentle. Genuine, Thoughtful and Methodical. Chrystal has amazing talent - the horses enjoy her - yet she has no Vanity - she is sincere.

She has tons of experience with horses involved in many disciplines. Although extremely knowledgeable and capable, Chrystal continues to study from other therapists, continually learning new practices and techniques.

Chrystal is Definitely my Choice as an Equine Massage Therapist."

Carol Steiner
2010 Canadian 100 mile Endurance Champion riding Jumpin' Jax ; 2010 short list WEG Canadian Endurance Team ; 2009 FEI : ranked #4 in the world for rider/horse combination in the sport of Endurance.

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