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  1. If I know my horse has a problem in his left hind, can you just work in that area?

    • As an Equine Sports Massage Therapist I look at the horse as a "whole", often the existing problem has been created by other issues which need to be addressed. One of the accepted and essential objectives of the sports massage is to assist in creating overall balance in the body, thus allowing the horse to work pain free and at 100% !

  2. How long does a massage take?

    • Most massages will take about an hour, although the first massage may take a little longer because there are generally more areas to work out.

  3. Can I ride my horse before the massage?

    • No. It is best for the horses muscles to be "cold", so leave at least three hours between riding and the massage.


**Massage is never a substitute for veterinary care!**

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